Client websites of varying designs.

Canada Pottery
A website useful in looking for information and for the identification of Canadian pottery through the photos and research it provides.
A collection of funny images and sayings from around the internet, plus an e-commerce shop offering a variety of items. Created with Wordpress and Woocommerce
Edmonton Book Store
Ecommerce site created with WordPress and Woocommerce, which includes inventory management and the ability to retrieve and sync book information from a number of third-party websites.
Happy Hamster Homes
A WebQuest for Grade Three Science students. Includes a section for students and a section for teachers, complete with worksheets and an evaluation chart. Built using CSS, HTML, and Flash. Uses custom-created theme and graphics.
International Central Gospel Church - Love Temple
This website was originally created with Wix and had outgrown the limited options that Wix allows. It was recreated in WordPress with the look of the original Wix site, but with many more features and in a format that allowed for future growth and provided improved visitor interaction.
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Explores the graphic novel League of Extraordingary Gentlemen Built using CSS, HTML, and Flash. Uses custom-created theme and graphics.
Pet Rodents - A very gnawty place to be
Pet Rodents was upgraded from Joomla! to WordPress when the direction of the website changed and many of the areas of the existing website became obsolete. The conversion allowed the relevant articles to be migrated easily to the new platform, while simultaneously allowing the website to pursue a new direction in a more streamlined form.
Really Expensive Bookkeeping
The online business card for Jim Dunbar, Really Expensive Bookkeeper (because cheap bookkeepers are too costly).
Roman 2 Norman
Exploring the state of the world from AD 400 to AD 1066. Based on Mediawiki software with a custom theme and graphics.
Valuable Life Advice
Life advice from the book Never published in 1888 by Landy Larkin. A treasure trove of do's and don't's. Built with Wordpress.
Website Minion
The home of the one, the only, Website Minion!


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