Weaver II and Weaver II Pro WordPress Themes

If you want a fully functional change-absolutely-everything-from-the-dashboard theme for your WordPress website, this is it. The free version has an incredible number of options, and the Pro version knocks customization out of the ballpark for under $30. There are some basics built in, such as sub-themes and header images, if you want to get up… Continue reading Weaver II and Weaver II Pro WordPress Themes

Icon Finder

As with Find Icons and Iconspedia this website offers the ability to search for free icons. The size is comparable to Find Icons, with over 318,000 icons and nearly 1500 icon packs, but the filtering options are a bit less wide-ranging. There’s size, background, format, and license, but no colour filtering option. There is also… Continue reading Icon Finder


Similar in nature to Find Icons is Iconspedia. The interface is a bit more cluttered, but it offers the ability to browse by category and by rating as well as to simply search. While some of the icons are the same as Find Icons, and the icon numbers are significantly lower (38,000 icons and 1200… Continue reading Iconspedia