CSV File Splitter

There’s nothing more annoying than having exactly the data you need to access, but in a file that you can’t open. Many software applications will choke on extremely large files, even when the file is as simple as a delimited text file, also known as a CSV (comma separated values). This wonderfully streamlined open source application… Continue reading CSV File Splitter


Stickies. That most indispensable of office goodies has morphed into digital form. And a very useful digital form it is, too! These are very simple little windows that will stay where placed, even through reboots, just like real pieces of paper. They will never have dancing animations or play funky tunes, but they’re otherwise fully… Continue reading Stickies

McAfee Removal Tool

Another annoying group of software that comes with many new computers is from McAfee. This acts very much like the intrusive bloatware from Norton and can be just as insidious and difficult to remove. Fortunately, there’s a tool designed specifically to do just that: the McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool. Isn’t it ironic that the title is… Continue reading McAfee Removal Tool

Norton Removal Tool

Are you tired of constantly trying to hunt down and eliminate those annoying tendrils of Norton software that come deeply embedded in every new computer purchase? Just when you think you’ve gotten rid of the pesky thing, yet another popup appears, or something untoward happens to block the functioning or installation of software that you… Continue reading Norton Removal Tool

AVG Antivirus – Free Edition

AVG AntiVirus Free provides the top-quality antivirus and anti-spyware protection; security features that you’d usually expect only from a paid product. The added privacy features for 2014 help keep your personal information safe, both online and on your PC, while the new integrated File Shredder permanently deletes sensitive files to keep them from falling into the wrong… Continue reading AVG Antivirus – Free Edition