Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird offers a range of options for people who don’t have access to paid software such as Microsoft Outlook. It has the ability to integrate multiple mailboxes with SMTP or POP protocols and is a lightweight, responsive piece of software that simply works well. Thunderbird is open source and customizable and is developed by… Continue reading Mozilla Thunderbird

Norton Removal Tool

Are you tired of constantly trying to hunt down and eliminate those annoying tendrils of Norton software that come deeply embedded in every new computer purchase? Just when you think you’ve gotten rid of the pesky thing, yet another popup appears, or something untoward happens to block the functioning or installation of software that you… Continue reading Norton Removal Tool


This is a great little PDF converter that’s both feature-rich and easy to use. You can convert to PDF either with or without password protection. It creates very small PDF files that are perfect for email and for saving bandwidths on websites. Best of all, it has a drag-and-drop feature which allows you to simply drag… Continue reading PrimoPDF